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Until The Uprising confirmed for Hexa’Gône 2nd Edition – November 14th 2015

We are proud to announced that we are confirmed as part of this year Hexa’Gône Festival 2nd Edition that will take place at MJC O TOTEM in Lyon on November 14th 2015! A big thank you to SOUNDS LIKE HELL PRODUCTIONS for making this happen.

We will share the stage with such amazing bands that are UNEVEN STRUCTURE, KLONE, LODZ and THE ARISEN.

More information on the Facebook event page or directly on Sounds Like Hell Productions Facebook Page

Some moments of our life on tour


Hello there!

We would like to share with you some moments of our last tour across Europe. It was really hard to pick the moments we wanted to share with you as there was so much of them. So we tried to make a brief summary.
Hope you will enjoy it! Cheers.

See you folks!


Until The Uprising showcase appearance in “Hit Import” on January 24th 2015

Hello there!

To celebrate the beginning of the year 2015, Hit Import (CD shop located in Nice – France) gives us the opportunity to perform in their facilities for an One-hour showcase. This is going to be the first ever metal showcase organised by them and we are really honored to have been chosen among all the other local bands.
Apointment has been settled! Let’s meet together there on Saturday January 24th!

See you folks!

Live Report of our show with Trepalium at The Altherax – Nice FR on November 14th 2014

Hello there!!

Here is a live report of our show with Trepalium which happened on Friday November 14th 2014 at The Altherax in Nice – FR.

Click here to read the complete report (in French) on their website!

And as we do not forget our non-french reader friends, here is a english translation made by ourselves (only the part talking about us):

“The Altherax got used to light a barbecue in the evening concert, and as it is well covered for rainy evenings, I restore myself with a hamburger while the scene of Until The Uprising is prepared. I am surprised, when I come back in the room, by their professionalism. Nice scrims backdrops with neat logo of the band are arranged on each side of the drums, it’s clean. The group goes on stage. They are just three, which surprises me because I had already seen (and not loved) Until The Uprising at the MJC Picaud a few years ago, and I do not recognize anything: is it the same band? I wonder. Philippe explains me that there have been changes, but yes, this is the same band. In the end only stays Philip, drummer of the original lineup.

The musical style has evolved a lot too, now closer to djent and a band like Meshuggah. What is funny is that the band has just released an album and tonight they are going to play almost all of it to us. The band plays with three members tonight because Lilian, newly recruited as singer, is absent and it is Mick, one of the two guitarists, which takes the singing. A drum and two guitarists, no bass guitar (there is a bass player on the album but it is no longer in the band and they have found no one suitable for the moment).

The drummer also sends numerous samples that he controls with his Mac computer. It was him who did the drums intro on samples backing tracks, very nice. The following is enough atomic, with two seven strings guitars tuned down, which decimate our brain. The singing performed by Mick, while playing, is impressive, and he has to repeatedly catch his breath between songs. The set is physical! Harun of the band Trepalium comes just in front of the scene for a while, he seems to appreciate the guitar duo. The sound lacks a little of bass guitar for my taste (it’s a bassist who speaks so it’s not very objective). The crowd responds well and they finish highly acclaimed by the audience.

Set list: 

01. Introspection

02. Black Hole
03. Searching

04. Until The Uprising

05. Alien

06. All Is One

07. Claustrophobia

08. Where Everything Begins

09. Beyond My Sight”

 See you folks!