New Twisted Reality album review on “It Djents” webzine

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Another good review of our album Twisted Reality made by the webzine “It Djents”. We are more than happy and grateful to appear in their columns and for the score of 8.5/10 and all the comments it received.

“it essentially is an amusement park with many different short rides that give you more adrenaline than you could wish for. Keep this one for your ‘in case of emergency: headbang’ situations; break open glass.”

Click here to read the complete review.

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Happy New Year and “Nawak Posse” 2014 winners pole

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First of all, we would like to wish to everyone a big HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope 2014 ended well for you all and we wish you an even better year for 2015.

For us 2014 was the release of our Twisted Reality album as well as the shooting of our first video clip (to be released beginning of February 2015). And also some very good gigs with well-kown French Metal bands Hacride and Trepalium!!

Beginning of this new year also brings some good surprises for us already! We have been nominated three times in the French category of the “10 Best French and International Metal Bands Albums of 2014″ according to French webzine Nawak Posse. Nominations has been made by their writers and we reached:
- Rank 3/10 by Fab
- Rank 10/10 by Toto
- Rank 1/10 by Wil

You can look at the complete pole on their website.

We are very honored to receive such recognition for our first album and this will make us work even harder for the year to come to deliver you the best of us!!

See you folks!


New Twisted Reality album review on the french webzine “French Metal”

Hello there!!

Here is another review of our album Twisted reality published on the french webzine “French Metal” on November 15th. Our album scores 18/20!!

“Until The Uprising c’est du death metal classique, du progressif, du djent, des sons electro, des passages planants. Bref une grosse claque…”

Click here to read the complete review (in French) on their website!


And as we do not forget our non-french reader friends, here is a english translation made by ourselves:

“France has quite a pool of skilled formations and if many have doubted or are still questioning themselves, one realizes daily and much more with Until The Uprising and its new “Twisted Reality” album. What album it is given me to present today, friends…

If Americans are more used to offer us this kind of bands, how Until The Uprising has been able to hide such a talent? Until The Uprising this is classic death metal, progressive, djent, electro sounds, hovering parts. In short, a huge slap … There is nothing more to say. Lovers of art, melodies and power are called to appear please because they will be served. Today, Until The Uprising presents us “Twisted Reality” and what to say? The guys from Nice hit really hard! “Twisted Reality” is an album full of modern metal, enriched by numerous meetings and band influences which can be Betraying The Martyrs, Dagoba or We Butter The Bread With Butter. “Twisted Reality” is not less than 10 tracks of high class and high quality, period; we will not drag on over a hundred years. If today we tend to put labels on a bit of everything and anything, and especially anyone, Until The Uprising has his own style, his universe, his soul, his own world in some sort and do not copy anybody. Know that the group is able to throw blast beats, incessant rhythms changes which swing us back and forth, as well as flattening us on the ground with a hovering atmosphere supported by a layer of electro sound … Pure happiness. You have to admit, that’s mastery … Michel, Anthony, Philip and Manuel take us further into the stratosphere, drives us up high like the title “Until The Uprising,” which is for me the best piece of “Twisted Reality” (they are all good but I let you discover them!). The small southern guys make us bad, very bad even, but God it feels good…

While listening to “Twisted Reality”, it does not bother one second, but take your time, enjoy this album, listen to it several times, give it the time it deserves, sincerely. “Twisted Reality” is THE slap in these recent weeks. This is a big discovery, a nice surprise. Follow them very (very) carefully. FYI, they look for a label. Word to the wise…”


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New Twisted reality album review on french webzine “Aux Portes du Metal”

Hello there!!

Here is another review of our album Twisted reality published on the french webzine “Aux Portes du Metal” on November 14th.
As it is in French, we translated it for you non-french readers. Cheers!

“Until The Uprising is a band founded in 2008 by the four members that are Michel, Anthony, Philip and Lilian. The band mixed the influences of each member and released on October 28 its first album, Twisted Reality. The members had indeed preferred to tread the stage and gain a good reputation before releasing this album.

So what about Twisted Reality? Well we found a strong djent influence, but not only. This album features swift songs, whose violence is carried by the singer screams. We are also treated to a lot of blast beats and other fulliginous enough drums accelerations. The melodies of the guitars are varied, sometimes convoluted, twisted, sometimes more “soloish.” The rhythm part is far from being caricature and knows how to renew itself in order to give the songs some air. The groove is however not set aside, take for instance the beginning of Alien: this riff is incredibly effective! And I was talking to air the songs: the clean singing plays this role very well, although it can still be improved. We can even find in the guitar parts some dissonances reminding us (by far) the sounds of deathcore bands like Thy Art Is Murder.

But so far it’s still commonplace, it takes a touch of madness to stand out, and as such, Until The Uprising meets present. All Is One has a small air à la Sikth in the melody that is not unpleasant. In addition, there remains a small non-professional side in the sound, singing and in the very fresh aspect of the compositions that is not to displease me.

With this album, Until The Uprising manages to tickle my attention in the direction of hair growth and offers very strong compositions. A band to follow!”


You can find the original source (in French) by clicking on this link.

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