Album Review on Mainstream Music Not.

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“It’s like Until The Uprising have an inexhaustible arsenal of riffs ranging from “great” to “fucking awesome” and they shoot away until the listener, having his sanity hanging by a thread, comes out of shelter with hands drawn up and says: ” Enough! You fucking killed it, I accept your authority”. And then the third song only begins.”


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New Album artwork revealed

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Time for a little update. Here is finally the front cover of our next album Twisted Reality! The artwork has been made by Emmanuelle Cresp of Emma Design and this is the first piece of the puzzle to illustrate the theme behind the lyrics. We are really looking forward to show you the complete album package with this cover on it!!

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New album title and tracklist revealed

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After month of hard work, mixing and mastering processes are done. And it sounds just KILLER!

It is thus time now to drop the curtain and reveal the title and tracklist of our upcoming album.


So the album is entitled Twisted Reality and the name of its 10 tracks are as follow :

01 – Introspection

02 – Black Hole

03 – Searching

04 – Until The Uprising

05 – Alien

06 – All Is One

07 – Claustrophobia

08 – Where Everything Begins

09 – Beyond My Sight

10 – Eternal Journey


More news to come. See you folks!


European tour dates for 2013

Until The Uprising announce tour dates for their European Tour this fall 2013. This tour will be co-headlined with the French band Raining Bombs. 


Thur 10/31 Villeurbanne, France – Hotel de la Musique

Fri 11/01 Volmerange Les Mines, France – No Man’s Land

Sat 11/02 Roubaix, France – Hotel de la Musique

Mon 11/04 Eindhoven, Netherlands – Café Altstadt

Wed 11/06 Kraków, Poland – Grodzka 42 Hard Rock Music

Thur 11/07 Bedzin, Poland – Parapet Bum Bum

Fri 11/08 Warsaw, Poland – Clubrock

Sat 11/09 Bialystok, Poland – ACK Sepularium