UNTIL THE UPRISING is a 3 piece modern Metal band that people often qualifies as Progressive, Djent, with some Old School Metal influences. But they are only scratching the surface of Michel, Anthony, and Philip’s minds.

Since the band was first born in 2008, they’ve shared the stage with several bands such as TREPALIUM, HACRIDE, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, DAGOBA, WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER, ATLANTIS CHRONICLES, DARKNESS DYNAMITE, DECADES OF DESPAIR and IN OTHER CLIMES to quote just a few of them, and toured in Europe many times, focusing mainly on what they do best: captivating the crowd and breaking each stages with fast, technical and groovy songs along with their stunning screams and clean vocals, leading their name to be remembered.

They have reached through these experiences and with lots of perseverance in their art, the goal of getting their own atmospheres and sound, which makes them today a very mature band and experienced musicians, as you can hear on their first full-length album Twisted Reality, released October 28th 2014.

The band, now, has so many feelings to express through its music and is clearly determined to spread every single note and strike the whole world. Things are just getting started!



Band Members


Michel Beneventi - Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Anthony Cresp – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Philip Sleiman – Drums and Percussions