Twisted Reality album Officially Released Today

Hello there!!

And here we are!!
We are proud to officially announce the release of our brand new album TWISTED REALITY. It is released in digipack version and you can, from now, buy it in our online store or during one of our show.
Digital version sale will follow very soon.

We are more than happy to give you this opportunity to listen to our music. We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it!!

01 – Introspection
02 – Black Hole
03 – Searching
04 – Until The Uprising
05 – Alien
06 – All Is One
07 – Claustrophobia
08 – Where Everything Begins
09 – Beyong My Sight
10 – Eternal Journey

See you Folks!


Radio appearance on Agora FM

Hello there!!

We will be the guests of the radio show 1000 Décibels this Thursday October 30th from 7pm to 9pm on the french radio Agora FM!!

You can listen to it in:
- Cannes – Grasse: 94.0 FM
- Nice: 94.1 FM
- Monaco – Menton: 88.9 FM
and everywhere else directly in streaming on their website: http://agoracotedazur.fr

We will discuss about the release of our album Twisted Reality as well as all the recent and coming news from the band.

See you Folks!


New Twisted Reality album review on Nawak Posse

Hello there!!

Another cool review from the french webzine Nawak Posse!

Click here to read the complete review (in French) on their website.

“Cet album est un disque exceptionell joué par des musiciens remarquables [...] La force d’UNTIL THE UPRISING c’est cette capacité à introduire des riffs intéressants et inventifs dans tous leurs titres [...]”

And we do not forget our non-readers friends! Here is a translation made by ourselves for you:

“After a futuristic intro, the guitars descents will soon convince you that this album is an outstanding record played by outstanding musicians. Yep, we are dealing with a disc with relentless solos that owes as much to MESHUGGAH that SIKTH for influences but fits perfectly with the evolution of the current metal. The strength of UNTIL THE UPRISING is this ability to introduce interesting and inventive riffs in all their titles, not to mention the singing that has that something hovering and evanescent on a bass guitar/drums background solid as a rock. The band’s music is always melodic while fairly unstructured with a lot of breaks and setbacks that reflect the hard work of group composition. I will not dwell too much on this clear production that listens by itself and project UNTIL THE UPRISING in the international class, nor on the album artwork that fits the almost Sci-Fi music of the gang. The futuristic side of the group really seduced me with these electronic sounds regularly sprinkled on the disc that gives a modern and sophisticated touch (“Until The Uprising”) to this first album. A beginning that really predicts the best for this great band!

You will understand, I like to 200% this album!”

See you Folks!


New Twisted Reality album review on French webzine “Metal France”

Hello there!!

A new very nice review has been published today by the French webzine Metal France. The album scores 4/5!!

Click here to read the complete review (in French) on their website!

“[...] à l’écoute des riffs et des structures, on sent une maitrise technique et une richesse qui fait de cet album un cd de metal de haut niveau; le genre que tu écoutes plusieurs fois pour t’en imprégner complètement [...]“

As it is in French, we also translated it for you non-french readers. Cheers!

“Four adjectives to describe « Twisted reality », first real CD of the french band from Nice UNTIL THE UPRISING. Warning, here we reach a certain level.

Founded in 2007, has undergone a substantial line up change few years ago, strong of a demo in 2009 called “The Awakening of the Damned,” which received a honorable welcome, here is their offering whose ingredients are:

- Modernity: indeed, their metal is in the range of a “current” music, metal for young people yet steeped in a certain maturity and a job that had to be difficult. Under the label deathcore we feel a multitude of influences that rake broadly.

- Progressive: yes given the high level of the musicians, listening to the riffs and structures, we feel a technical mastery and richness that makes this album a CD of high-level metal; the kind you listen several times to completely immerse yourself in.

- Diversity: each title, despite having the same roots explodes you into a different world; we might as well think of deathcore, post hardcore, prog, groove etc.; the songs are diverse and varied, mastered, clear or aggressive; an inspired music;

- Power: Yes, in addition to their propensity to play well, their metal is muscular and sometimes angry or even extreme as evidenced by titles such as “Beyond My Sight.”

Add a flawless mix and you have a group that is well worth the blow that one stops there.



See you Folks!